A Work on Progress. 2015.


A Work on Progress explores the complexities and nuances of the interactions and implications of labour’s relationship to the body - providing a liminal or transformative space to contemplate notions of creativity versus confinement, performance versus primordiality, mechanisation versus humanness, and permanence versus impermanence. Through the exploration of these ideas, the work conveys how labour as an energetic phenomenon, is simultaneously something which comes from the body - an act of self-generated creation; and something that is external to the body - a phenomenon of influence, impact and inscription. The project seeks reflection upon the trajectory and impact of current, global labour trends - such as mass production, automation, routinisation and technological advancements - that are not only changing or displacing the role of the labouring body within society, but are impacting factors that sustain the existence of the human species in general, for example, natural resource depletion, food and water security, air quality, and climate change.